ERGOM is a biogeochemical module only and needs a host model, mostly a circulation model, to run. It can be used in a simple MATLAB model, but also in huge model systems such as MOM5.

To use the same model version in different host models, the model is not provided as e.g. FORTRAN source code, but as a formal description of all state variables and processes in a set of text files. A "code generation tool" can be used to create source code from it. It uses a host model specific "code template" and fills in all the tracers and processes from the formal description.

So, your download should consist of 3 parts:

  • The formal description (the heart of the model)
  • The "code generation tool" executable
  • The "code template" which fits your host model

Creating the source code is then very easy and straightforward.

Alternatively, you can download finished examples of generated code.